Yolande Milan Batteau
Yolande Milan Batteau is an internationally exhibited representational and abstract painter. Batteau’s twenty year investigation into material culture and devotion to technical mastery has informed the appearance of her small and large scale paintings. Seeking to map her intuition of an ‘essential self’, Batteau is fascinated by natural phenomena and a certain melancholia precipitated by attachment and illusion.

Batteau’s small and large scale representational oil paintings often quest to map the psyche. Through a poetic visual language composed of varied cultural and historical symbols, she employs a range of styles that address the content of her personal narrative.

As an avid world traveller, having visited over fifty countries, Batteau has a strong connection to a wide range of cultures and their arts, especially those of the Nilots, Mediterraneans, Griots, Balinese, Japanese and Flemish. She has spent many years being immersed in these places with their peoples.

Batteau works with techniques drawn from antiquity but that she has updated and innovated. These pertain to a variety of mediums including marble dust plaster, encaustic, resin, leaf, micaceous powders, oil and water based media. Her work involves a process of adding and taking away, tooling, burnishing, and carving of various materials. With these methods she creates surfaces of a unique depth and luminosity.

Batteau studied philosophy and painting at the Sorbonne in Paris, San Francisco Art Institute, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Batteau currently lives and works in Brooklyn, where she founded Calidus Guild, an art for architecture studio, in 1998.